When Ecodesign means 5.5 designers

I had the opportunity to attend their conference during design september. 5-5 is a global design collective studio founded in August 2003 by Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sébastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé and Claire Renard.

First and foremost described as a working collective, the 5-5s were brought to the forefront with their first project Réanim : the medicine of objects. Fiercely opposed to waste and fervent fighters of the ecological and financial crisis, the 5.5 designers set up this project in collaboration with le secours populaire, giving a second life to the objects with « reanimation » kits.
Singular, the kitchen of the 5.5 designers: « Feuilleté de livres, velouté de lumière, patères en croûte, tabouret façon Tatin, fondant de bougie » are some of the recipes that the collective has created. recipe to create an object of its choice, no production. we buy the instruction manual to make it ourself with second-hand objects.

If I say meal in the canteen, you say spinach and Duralex glasses! We are just as much as you are nostalgic for the glasses from our childhood – how old are you? – and under the spell of the variations designed by the 5.5 designers around Picardy glass for the brand’s 70th anniversary.

The 5.5 designers have therefore imagined 70 accessories to dress Picardie glasses which in a second can be transformed: into bird feeders, pencil sharpeners, piggy banks, maracas, Christmas balls… reinventing without producing a new object, but accessories to give a new function/life to duralex glasses.

On the occasion of the ‘puces du design’, the 5.5s are staging the exhibition dedicated to Ettore Sottsass. By using bales of recycled paper, they are once again questioning our relationship to consumption…


Some have described them as the troublemakers of design, others as researchers, they have defined themselves as furniture surgeons, political handymen and then craftsmen of the idea. They have thus shaken up and provoked the world of design by systematically questioning their profession or at least their role in the creative process and in the consumer society.
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