Design September retail award – Donki.

When the dynamism of the arty style resonates with simplicity & passion….

Pierre and Xiomara, brother and sister, opened DONKI, a burito bar Chaussée de Charleroi in Saint-Gilles.
They are two young entrepreneurs of Nicaraguan origin who grew up in West Flanders in an entrepreneurial family.
During their travels they discovered many catering concepts and cuisines, ranging from streetfood to culinary orgasms in gourmet restaurants. The flavours, aromas and memories of their adventures are the basis of the origin of their concept. A simple restaurant where Mexican and Californian influences characterize their dishes and where the flavor and freshness are excellent.

The bar’s design reflects the flavours, fresh and resonant. The Arty style brings an invigorating dynamism, a touch of madness where it is good to stop for a few moments. The colours mix, resonate with striking & disruptive graphics.

Donki – 66 Chaussée de Charleroi – 1060 Saint-Gilles


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