Fresh atelier – Delhaize.

Ultra-urban, ultra-local, ultra-contemporary, and ultra-fresh…

Delhaize has just opened its first Fresh Atelier in Brussels, a new concept of a smaller store for urban centres (80 m2). Its offer will focus on fresh products, prepared or not.

Prepared dishes, snacks, salad bar, bakery and pastries, smoothies, coffee machine: in itself, nothing new… Except that Fresh Atelier is not just another simple store offering a large number of products on the shelf or at the counter. The customer – mainly residents or people working in the area and travelling by foot or bicycle – can place an order on the Internet and pick it up at Fresh Atelier, which becomes a collection point.

It is a fact, consumer behaviour is changing!

From now on, we no longer want sandwiches stuffed with mayo but healthy alternatives, salads, wraps… We no longer want sandwiches wrapped for 3 days but fresh products. We no longer want to queue, we want speed. We don’t want to waste any more time on the shelves, we prefer to come and get our shopping bag already ready…

The distribution race for gigantism is well and truly over. Faced with a versatile and fast-paced consumer, the brands are abandoning hypermarkets and are now turning to the niche of commodity stores, which are well established in the heart of cities. And always smaller.

Proximity is the new gold!

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