Los Angeles Rive Gauche, Good example of the month!

welcome to Los Angeles rive gauche! from September 1 to October 21, 2018.

Live a day in Los Angeles by following the course of the sun in the Californian sky, from sunrise to sunset. Three times of the day, three different lights that punctuate the scenography and spaces of the exhibition.

Following the trends of « retailzine », a place with different brands and products selected with a specific theme as you could find them in a magazine.. More than 200 fashion, accessories, beauty, home, or grocery brands 100% Made in Los Angeles.

In L.A., people get up at dawn. they are fond of wellness and the « good vibrations » dear to beach boys.

At the first moment of the day, « Sunrise » dedicates a complete space to well-being, spirituality, concentration on oneself, between natural beauty products and yoga clothing.

Once the sun is at its peak, « Sunlight » will take you to Venice Beach! For the occasion, find the paradise for surfers and skaters between bicycles, sportswear, beach accessories, and casual ready-to-wear.

To end the day, « Sunset » takes you to a rock and glamorous world of Hollywood Boulevard. Denim jackets, sunglasses, roaring motorcycles and flashy looks are required.

But Los Angeles rive gauche is also a unique experience to discover, such as the amazing Zeppelin designed by designer and creator of the MadeWorn brand, Blaine Halvorson or the tattoo studio of the stars’ favourite tattoo artist, Dr Woo.

A legend among Los Angeles skaters, Scott Oster has created an impressive skatepark suspended above the store’s Beauty area, where skateboarding services will take place regularly.

Also on the morning program are yoga and Pound Fit classes, a fitness discipline well known to Californian women that combines pilates and energetic dance movements.

Finally, find exclusive conversations and a wide selection of products to customize in store!

Customer experience at his best! From store windows, interior design to workshops & events, the whole story is consistent and appealing! Thumb up for le bon marché! Good job!

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