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Nike is the pioneer of a new store concept in L.A. that is inspired by NikePlus members and based on an in-depth analysis of Nike app customer and user data.

Nike’s new Live store concept was launched in the famous Melrose district of Los Angeles on July 12. The store is primarily intended to be a service centre for the local NikePlus member community.

As you walk past the store, the local focus immediately attracts attention: the facade of the point of sale is entirely covered with a mural fresco painted by the local artist Bijou Karman, who represents a typical day for sportsmen in L.A…. The store thus appropriates « pop-up vibes ». Data and digital technology drive the in-store experience

Based on purchasing data, application usage and regional trends collected through social media, Nike selects a specific offer and service for the Live Store. Thus, the sport brand’s basketball fashion would be particularly popular and customers would appreciate the fast service. New products will arrive in stores every two weeks, taking into account local demand: nearly 15% of the clothing supply and 25% of the shoe range will change every two weeks, unlike the 60 days in most stores.

Consumers follow different paths and have different expectations at different times, which is why Nike by Melrose offers a sneaker bar, where buyers can choose to be assisted by an expert or scan the products themselves for more information. The entire stock of shoes is also gathered in this bar, which would reduce the time between fitting and purchase from 5 to 10 minutes.

It is striking that the store is designed as a community house for NikePlus members, not as a store for the impersonal consumer. The point of sale therefore explicitly makes the link with the NikePlus app: in lockers – which open thanks to a QR code that appears in the app – members can pick up the reserved items and try them out, as if they were in a sports club.

The concept of « neighbourhood-specific » stores is in full deployment. Next spring, a new Nike Live store will open in Tokyo.

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