TeamLab : transcending boundaries.
Transcending Boundaries is an exhibition of works by teamLab at Paris Grande Halle de La Villette, which features rooms of immersive installations, including a virtual waterfall that extends beyond the gallery wall onto the floor, flowing through the exhibition space and around the feet of the viewer.
The protean group teamLab presents an immersive and interactive installation spanning the frontiers of art, science, technology, and creativity. Their installations morph as visitors move about, generating eerie, dreamlike worlds.


Originally from Japan and formed in 2001, the protean group teamLab has made digital its credo. Its first monographic exhibition in France took place at La Villette, moving beyond the frontiers of art, science, technology, and creativity.

In this 360° immersive and interactive installation, visitors are surrounded on all sides by images straight out of the imaginations of the teamLab crew. Both electronic and organic in inspiration, the installations change as visitors amble from one spot to another. The exhibition itself becomes a living digital organism constantly churning out new images that make a sharp break with our daily lives, thus whisking us off to a dreamlike world.

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