Top 5 best stands Interieur Courtrai 2018

Always something new and surprising at interieur Courtrai. Discover my top 5 best stands…


Following the trends of monochromatic space, Studio Henk & Liquidfloors show us how colors could be impactfull when it comes to design a space! They went strong! and it works so well!


Product in focus

Laufen’s Swiss bathrooms cannot be missed at Interieur Courtrai… Really surprising and unexpected! The products make the show!


Surprising surface

Abeit Laminati presents the DIPLOS, high-pressure laminate (HPL).

The scenography installation shows the distinctive character of Diplos in the form of monoliths, which turn out to be a series of cross-sections. These linked sections symbolise the vertical planes that intersect an object and undergo a transformation into some surprising dioramas.


Bold black

Movecho made it bold!

Bold black highlightings natural cork armchairs & stools. A strong design supported by powerfull graphism.


Catch me if you can

Delen private banking exites our curiosity… with several small stands along the path of the fair driving us to this stunning labyrinth stand.


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